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What we do...

  • Eating in the Raj Mahal is legendary in the town of Hoddesdon. We have been serving thousands of customers across 3 generations of this community. We used to be a small restaurant which could only accomodate 35 people, but after a major refurbishment and expansion in 2007, we have made the experience of eating better with our modern design yet still maintaining our heritage of providing traditional indian food. So why not come and eat in where the food is freshly made to your perfection.
  • If you want to order food, you can pick up a collection order made to your perfection - where you also get 10% off for collecting.... Aren't we nice!
  • We are currently undergoing a trial period for deliveries only within Hoddesdon, but we cannot guarantee this service everyday as this is a trial based service, but please call and ask and will be happy to let you know.

Our current offers!

  • 10% off all Takeaways

    We provide 10% discount with all takeaway orders collected which are over £15.
  • Now Delivering to Hoddesdon

    As part of a new service we wish to implement, we are bringing food to you with deliveries to the Hoddesdon residents, so feel free to call and ask for a delivery (restricted to Hoddesdon only)